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Vingt-quatre langues, une Europe

A documentary exploring the role of interpreters in the EU

interpreter interpreted

We are pleased to announce the publication and broadcasting of a new documentary that explores the role of interpreters in the European Union. 

Over the course of one hour, the documentary takes viewers on a journey through the parallel histories of the EU and the interpreting profession. From the historic Nuremberg trials to the fall of the Berlin wall, Brexit to the war in Ukraine, ‘Vingt-quatre langues, une Europe’ offers a glimpse into the challenges of the EU by following interpreters in their daily lives. 

The video is available on the ARTE website until 2 September 2024.

About the documentary 

Launched in 2021, this profoundly pro-European documentary highlights the importance of multilingual communication through the eyes of interpreters. Filming occurred throughout 2023 and early 2024, featuring contributions from interpreters of the European Institutions from different booths. 

Produced in collaboration with Arte GEIE and directed by Jean Crépu, the documentary will see its official release on 4 June, shortly before this year's European elections. 

Enjoy watching it!