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Knowledge Centre on Interpretation


XXI Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Studies

Event description

The theme of the 2024 KäTu Symposium is Connection. The theme is meant to highlight the importance of translation, interpreting, and other translatorial activities in enabling connection between languages and cultures. How does translatorial action build or support connections at different levels – between people, communities, ideologies, and worlds? What is the role of translatorial actors (for example, translators, interpreters, or other actors that cross language boundaries) in creating and maintaining connections? And what is the role of automated translatorial action (machine translation)? What is the potential of translatorial action to connect people in general? What happens when connection is not possible or not desired, despite or even because of translatorial action?

The annual KäTu symposia offer researchers, teachers and practitioners of translation and interpreting a forum where they can discuss the phenomena of the field, their ongoing research projects, and the state and development of Translation Studies in general. One important target group are doctoral researchers, who are offered the opportunity to present their current work and receive valuable feedback.

Practical Information

Friday, 19 April to Saturday, 20 April 2024