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Knowledge Centre on Interpretation


There are numerous universities that train conference interpreters

The mission of DG Interpretation is to make possible multilingual communication at the core of EU decision-making by providing quality interpretation services. In order to secure the availability of a sufficient number of qualified conference interpreters, DG Interpretation provides training support to a limited number of courses (in Member States, candidate countries or even third countries when justified by the needs of the EU Institutions) whose curriculum and pedagogical practices (strive to) meet the right quality. 


Cooperation with Universities in EU and Candidate Countries


A report on the support given by SCIC to universities during the previous academic year will now be published here every September. The report contains explanations of why we give support, what the various types of support are and what the criteria are for starting and differentiating support.

Report:  Support to Universities 2020/2021

Table : Support to Universities 2020/2021

Cooperation with partners in non-EU countries

Conference interpreting training courses organised by universities in non-EU countries may also receive support in connection with international cooperation programmes and/or in view of the needs of the EU Institutions and its Interpretation Services.

You can find out about where you can train in your region by consulting the AIIC directory.

SCIC-Universities Conference

Ever since 1996, DG Interpretation organises every spring the SCIC-Universities Conference, our DG's flagship annual event that brings together the relevant stakeholders in the interpreting world: representatives of the partner universities in EU Member States and candidate countries, China, Russia, Africa, Canada and the USA, as well as representatives of international organisations and other European institutions.

The main objectives of the conference are to raise awareness on EU requirements concerning interpretation and update participants on the latest developments, but also to create a networking platform and generate vivid debates and exchanges on interpretation-related topics. 

More information.


The Virtual Cafés of the KCI (pilot project)

“The Virtual Cafés of the KCI” are a new pilot project targeted mainly (but not exclusively) at students, offering them the possibility of virtual exchanges among themselves, and with professional interpreters or other professionals in related fields (e.g. researchers), addressing particular topics of interest to them.
The first Virtual Café took place on 17 June 2022. Web-streaming is available at this link. More Virtual Cafés will follow during the autumn of 2022.