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Knowledge Centre on Interpretation

APTIS 2024 Unconference

Taking stock and breaking the mould

Event description

APTIS 2024 is breaking the mould and turning itself into an unconference! An unconference is a primarily discussion-based event that follows a bottom-up approach and allows attendees to engage in active conversations about topics that are pertinent to them.

This new version of the APTIS Conference will be a space to reflect on and respond to present demands, challenges and opportunities in translator and interpreter training. 

The unconference will centre on discussions about good practice, reflection on challenges and sharing strategies for seizing emerging opportunities. Activities will include engaging keynotes, dedicated poster sessions, rapid-fire presentations and a series of guided parallel discussion rooms. This combination of activities aims to maximise the opportunities for participatory engagement, sharing experiences and collaboration. 

The 2024 APTIS (Un)conference will start with familiar conference-style sessions allowing participants to come together, connect and reflect on the current state of affairs. This will set the tone and stimulate attendees to respond to pressing challenges and questions in translator and interpreter training and education.

Practical Information

Thursday, 7 November to Saturday, 9 November 2024

University of Warwick, Coventry