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Knowledge Centre on Interpretation

Mock conference on the priorities of the Belgian presidency

Interpretation provided in six languages

mock conference

On Monday 6 May DG SCIC organised a mock conference on the priorities of the Belgian presidency. This was the sixteenth mock conference organised by SCIC, with the objective of providing conference interpreting students with practice material in several languages.

SCIC interpreters played the role of the chairs and speakers and intervened in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. They discussed a wide range of topics, all of which were linked to the priorities of the Belgian Presidency: asylum and migration, the Common Agricultural Policy and the recent farmers’ demonstrations, multilingualism in Belgium, the war on drugs, regional development and social dialogue.

All interventions were interpreted into the same six languages by SCIC interpreters working in the booth.

SCIC’s “Talent development” Unit would like to thank all the speakers and the interpreters for their great work, as well as the two chairs!

We are happy that the number of participants was high, with a total of 1297 connections, and a maximum of 82 simultaneous viewers. Students followed the web streaming live from several countries, with the majority of them connecting from France, Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom. You can find the recording of the session on the dedicated Europa webpage

Don't forget that all recordings of previous mock conferences, as well as many other videos (interpreting exercises, mock tests, etc.), can be found on SCICtrain

We look forward to organising the next mock conference soon!